Inevitably, I am not yet able to pick up the momentum with design as I had initially planned as we are yet to receive an exact site or brief. I understand the withholding of this information is to guarantee the focus on site analysis before design, but I know it would benefit at least myself to receive the brief as early as possible. The reason my site analysis was so weak on the last project was because it had no direction. Without a brief, I have no idea what kind of site analysis will benefit my project. I understand the project is supposed to develop from the site analysis, but this technique has not been successful for me in the past.

All the information we have received is that the project will take place on three different sites on English Street in Downpatrick. Downpatrick is a medium-sized, ex-market town, within commuting distance of Belfast. It is famously the home to the grave of Saint Patrick, and this Catholic presence is evident in Down Cathedral sat on the top of a drumlin, towering over the rest of the town.

Greg Keeffe opened the theory lecture series this semester with a talk about A Living Architecture, which consisted of the usual breakdown of his projects to date. Most in the class were bored by the repetition of this lecture, but for me it was well needed. Revolutionary ideas are normally discouraged by architecture courses, but Greg breaks down exactly why they are necessary to our survival.

Once again seeing the success of his Urban Farm Warehouse project in Manchester, reassured me that what I was designing in the re-(CLAIM) project was actually worthwhile. A challenge I would like to achieve before I begin design in this current project is to find an urban farming precedent that has actually been sustained. As successful as Greg’s warehouse project was, it is not technically sustainable unless it is actually sustained for longer than a year.

The first week will mostly be spent working on the site model for the group, which has required less work so far than initially expected, but is incredibly complex. I have also began work on a bird’s eye view perspective of the near context to show the surrounding site, but I am not entirely sure how relevant it is. I am trying to apply a drawing style to my work from this early stage, but it is difficult to picture how the project will look at this point. I am excited for the review on Thursday, so I can finally get some direction for the project to take.



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