The cave has transformed into a fortress. After a discussion with Robert, I have decided that the building is not as much of a cave as it is a fortress.The fortress still offers impenetrability and privacy, but holds a stronger street presence.

This week, I watched Garbage Warriors; the story of Mike Reynold’s conception of the Earthship, a fully-sustainable building built by friends from cheap, recycled materials. My thoughts were mixed, but generally positive on the documentary. I am enticed by the way that Reynolds, through trial and error of each building, manages to build a house cheaply and sustainably, where one can be detached from the rest of the world, completely self-sufficient. It is not immediately clear what I will take from the Earthships to influence my own design, but I am sure the inspiration will be evident. The biggest challenge will  be to use the same typology in a more tasteful, less crude fashion.

I have been encouraged to design in model form – only beginning to draw when a design has been settled upon. I am slightly sceptical about this technique, but excited to experiment with it. I tend to waste a lot of time contemplating design decisions in drawing, trying to imagine the spaces three-dimensionally. Maybe working in model will encourage me to be more natural with decision making.




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