This quote summarises my exact issue in design. I get far too interested in theory thinking that I always delay the task of trying to design a building cleverly and holistically. In the interim review, I was advised to think about the project more architecturally, instead of focusing on the narrative. If I were to simply think of the building as a monastery, it would evolve naturally and would create a building flexible to a number of briefs – the narrative could be applied to the building at a later stage.

It is important now to focus on the steps towards designing the spaces I require. Firstly (and most obviously) I must study the typology of a monastery. Learning the traditional layout of a monastery will give direction to my design. Many of the functions will be shared with my new typology, with only a few alterations.

Secondly, I will begin modelling the individual interior spaces. There will be three levels of spaces created in the building: private dwelling space, communal shared space, and spaces for public interaction. The most important thing about these spaces is atmosphere. That is what I’ve been focused on for the past three weeks of design, and it is crucial that decisions made about atmosphere define both the structure and layout.

Lastly, I will review the focus of the project. At the moment, the concept is quite broad and lacks direction. I will need to prioritise fewer aspects of the design to ensure that the final outcome is both relevant and achievable. It was suggested that looking into agriculture may be too broad and will not allow me to focus on a comprehensive building design. Instead focusing on the building’s envelope may be more beneficial to both the comprehension of the building and my degree.





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